Ian Watson was born in Crawley and studied Fine Art at Howard Gardens, Cardiff. He now lives and works in Cardiff.

The drawings found here are largely informed by a misspent youth hiding out with like-minded mutants in video rental shops and woodlands of East Sussex, head buried in headphones, soaking up the occult messages from a collection of heavy metal cassettes.

The sonic works and performances showcased here are derived from an obsession with the mis-use and exploration of electronics through improvised music performances and recording sessions.

For more detailed writing please see Mark Gubb's piece regarding my solo show Brain Blood Volume.

Also artist and curator Gordon Dalton's feature on my work at his Mermaid & Monster site.

Interviews can also be found at the following sites:
Drowning Dogs
Drinking Horn

Limited edition prints and other ephemera available at the Psychic Attack Shoppe.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Folan: