A selection of my audio recordings made available by third parties, in no particular order:

A collection of solo recordings made available via the Dust, Unsettled label (UK)
Released September 29, 2014


by Ian Watson & Widows of Europe.
Made available via {ANTI} Recordings
Released October 29, 2018

Collaborative recording with Rob Hayler (of Radio Free Midwich).
Made available via invisible City Records
Released October 13, 2017

Solo recordings made available via {ANTI}
Released January 31, 2017

Latencies parts V to IX
2nd set of Collaborative recordings made with Adam Denton (Swan Hunter) via
Released March 27, 2015

The third part in the Brain Blood Volume collection (the rest being in zine form)
Solo recordings made available via the Armed Within Movement label (UK)
Released December 4, 2012