A selection of my audio recordings made available by third parties, in no particular order:

Solo recordings made available via the Dust, Unsettled label (UK).
Info from their site:
The Cardiff based artist's latest album under his own name—rather than his swefn moniker—revels in a deliberately quiet sense of brooding menace; Ian's use of textural layers gets right to the heart of the otherness in Arthur Machen's best writing. Composed of cymbals and feedback and cymbals feeding back and who-knows-what-electrickery, the album's four pieces create a fog of otherworldliness, augmented by some truly stunning/unnerving artwork by Ian for the front cover and colour disc print.
Released September 29, 2014


by Ian Watson & Widows of Europe.
Made available via {ANTI} Recordings. Info from their site:
Documented on a variety of Dictaphones, digital recorders and smart phones, SURROUND presents a fragmentary and playful amalgamation of electronic sound generation, field recording and site specific object improvisation, recorded on the coastline alongside the Vale of Glamorgan (Wales) during 2 day trips in 2015. The partnership between the sonic and photographic work hints and beckons the psyche to retreat and situate amongst the expansive silences and echoes. Co-inhabit the wastes of the present. Threads discovered and discarded.
Released October 29, 2018

Collaborative recording with Rob Hayler (of Radio Free Midwich).
Made available via invisible City Records
Released October 13, 2017

Solo recordings made available via {ANTI}
Info from their site:
Having well established himself in the UK sonic arts sphere during the course of the last decade, Ian Watson develops custom Hardware/Software and Acoustic/Amplified configurations to generate immersive sonic fields in performance spaces as well as in correlation with his own audio visual work.

These studio based recordings are sourced from music box mechanisms which are balanced on sprung steel splines, processed, recorded and looped at slowed speeds with more layers from the same sources applied. The electronics used to create these processes are also mined for their own electromagnetic characteristics which are fed back into the recordings...
Released January 31, 2017

Latencies parts V to IX
2nd set of Collaborative recordings made with Adam Denton (Swan Hunter) via
KIKS/GFR. Info from their site:
2 sides of custom electronics improvisations. Heavily processed work utilizing home made customized and prepared instrumentation. All pieces in the 'Latencies' project have been recorded remotely and concurrently between Cardiff and Gateshead in the UK. Has the sound of a more prepared, more subdued Russel Haswell and the Japanese noise school of electronics. High quality album with a lot of hidden details in the textured landscape and a lot of brittle and primitive bite to it.
Released March 27, 2015

The third part in the Brain Blood Volume collection (the rest being in zine form)
Solo recordings made available via the Armed Within Movement label (UK)
Released December 4, 2012