For my residency at G39 I produced site-specific recordings from electro-magnetic discharge within the G39 Warehouse-space.

The VLF antenna hanging in the main space is designed to pick up signals at a wavelength which, within urban areas is occupied by cycling mains electricity, scanning mobile phones and other electromagnetic signs of daily life. Occasionally formant sounds and muffled voices drift in and out
and chirps from unknown sources punctuate the static.

Beneath the faraday cage-like metal roof of G39 the signals remain internalised, by-products of daily activities involved in running the space. Computers, phones, lights, a power-drill all leak traces into an audible plain via the antenna and at different times of day, perhaps under changing atmospheric pressure from outside, or dwindling human occupation inside, the voices subside and the 50-60Hz hum of mains electricity takes centre stage.

Throughout Unit(e) the antenna has been used to record radio signals from different areas within the building. These recordings have been used to etch to laserdiscs and in the tape-loop presented in the Crosstalk piece.

The selection of etched laserdiscs each feature a looped groove. A locked groove to be played-back on a traditional record player. As such they present a repeating phrase in static, representative of human activities within the gallery space at a specific, although inconsequential moment in time.

The VLF receiver and tape player combine live and pre-recorded signals via a passive ring modulator.
Rather than adding one signal to another, the ring modulator creates a new signal, summing the frequencies of the two originals.